Educational Technology (ET)

SENIOR LECTURER:VACANT LECTURER:Dr.P.Ramakrishnan Focus of this branch is to ensure that ET reaches out to the most distant areas. It will also carry out the following functions To develop in collaboration with concerned staff of DIET and other resource persons


Curriculum Material Development and Evaluation (CMDE)

Dr.P.Sasidharan Senior Lecturer Curriculum Material Development and Evaluation   (CMDE) It is the centre to provide resource support in the development of locally relevant curriculum and educational evaluation of sch


Planning and Management (P & M)


NISHA .C LECTURER The main objectives of this faculty will be , Training the heads of the school Training to the Educational Officers of the District To p


Pre- Service Teacher Education and Training ( PSTE)

Senior Lecturer-Vacant PSTE faculty of DIET has to do the following functions:- To organize quality pre-service teacher education courses for elementary school teachers To serve as a model for the other elementary teacher education for the following:
Preparation of learner ce


Work Experience ( W.E)

Work Experience ( W.E)

Focus of this faculty will be to support the work experience related programmes to schools . The functions to be carried out by this faculty are To i


District Resource Unit (DRU)

District Resource Unit NISHA.E.K SENIOR LECTURER It is the resource centre in the district to carry out the. Adult education activities to ensure the human and material resources of other faculties for its full fledged works It has to crru out the following activities: It is


Inservice,Field Interaction and Co-ordinaton (IFIC)

Dr.V.T.Jayaram Senior Lecturer
Lecturer-RADHA.K.V Inservice , Field Interaction and Co-ordinaton (IFIC) All the activities related to the inservice programme and extension services of DIET e